Safa Park Dubai Entry Fee

Safa Park Dubai entry fee is AED 3 per person. Safa Park, located in Dubai, is one of the city's oldest and most popular parks.

Safa Park Dubai entry fee is AED 3 per person. Safa Park, located in Dubai, is one of the city's oldest and most popular parks.

With lush green spaces, beautiful landscapes, and a variety of recreational activities, it offers a serene environment for visitors to relax and unwind. The park is divided into different sections, including a lake, barbecue areas, and playgrounds, making it an ideal destination for families and friends.

Whether you want to have a picnic, go for a jog, or simply enjoy a leisurely walk, Safa Park has something for everyone. The entry fee of AED 3 per person makes it a budget-friendly option for a day out in Dubai. So, pack your bags and head to Safa Park to enjoy a peaceful and refreshing escape from the busy city life.

Why Safa Park Is A Must-visit Destination

Safa Park in Dubai is a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists. Located in a convenient location in Dubai, it provides easy accessibility for visitors. The park is known for its scenic beauty and lush greenery, making it a perfect escape from the city's hustle and bustle. The abundance of recreational activities available at Safa Park ensures that visitors of all ages and interests can find something to enjoy.

Whether you want to have a picnic, go for a leisurely walk, or engage in various sports activities, Safa Park has it all. So, if you are looking for a serene getaway in the heart of Dubai, make sure to visit Safa Park and experience its serene environment and plethora of attractions.

Park Entry Fee Details

The entry fee for Safa Park in Dubai varies based on different factors. Here is a breakdown of the fees and charges:

Category Fee
Adults (13 years and above) AED 3
Children (below 13 years) AED 1
Activities Additional charges apply

When visiting Safa Park, adults are required to pay an entry fee of AED 3, while children below 13 years are charged AED 1. Admission prices may vary for special events or exhibitions hosted within the park. Moreover, there are additional charges for specific activities such as boating, mini-golf, and children's play area. It is recommended to check for any updated fees before your visit.

Special Discounts And Offers

Special Discounts and Offers
Discounts for UAE residents
Group discounts and special packages
Seasonal offers and promotions

Safa Park Dubai offers various special discounts and offers to enhance visitors' experience. UAE residents can take advantage of exclusive discounts on entry fees, allowing them to enjoy the park at a reduced rate. Additionally, the park offers group discounts and special packages, perfect for families, friends, or corporate outings.

These packages provide a cost-effective way to explore the park's attractions and amenities. Furthermore, Safa Park Dubai regularly introduces seasonal offers and promotions, ensuring visitors have something new to look forward to throughout the year. Whether it's discounted entry fees during off-peak months or limited-time promotions during holidays, there is always an opportunity to save while enjoying the park's serene environment and recreational facilities.

Fee Waivers And Exemptions

When visiting Safa Park Dubai, it is important to note that there is a entry fee for adults and children. However, certain categories of individuals are eligible for free entry, including senior citizens and people of determination. Senior citizens can enjoy the beauty of the park without any charges. Additionally, people of determination, who may require some assistance, are also granted free entry.

To avail these fee waivers and exemptions, it is necessary to provide valid identification or relevant documentation at the park entrance. This will help the park authorities identify and ensure that the eligible individuals are not charged for entry. Safa Park Dubai is committed to providing a safe and accessible environment for all visitors, and these fee waivers are a testament to their dedication towards inclusivity.

Booking And Reservations

You can conveniently book your entry to Safa Park in Dubai online through various platforms. There are several websites and mobile applications that offer online booking services for theme parks, including Safa Park. Simply visit the respective platforms, select your desired date and time, and make your payment securely through their website or app.

If you are planning to visit Safa Park with a large group, it is recommended to make group reservations in advance. This ensures a smooth entry process and allows the park management to make necessary arrangements for your visit. Moreover, if you require any special permissions or have specific requests for your group, it is advisable to contact the park administration directly to discuss the details.

If you prefer not to book your tickets online, you can also purchase them on-spot at the entrance of Safa Park, subject to availability. However, it is worth mentioning that the park can sometimes be busy, especially during peak hours or weekends, so pre-booking your tickets online is recommended to avoid any inconvenience.

Exploring The Park

Safa Park in Dubai is a popular destination for both residents and tourists alike. The entry fee for the park is affordable and offers a great value for visitors. The park is divided into various sections, each with its own unique attractions. One of the highlights of exploring the park is the picturesque lake, which offers boat rides for visitors to enjoy. Additionally, the park features beautiful gardens with vast green lawns, perfect for picnics or relaxation.

Wander through the park and you will come across guided tours and trail routes that allow you to explore the park’s diverse flora and fauna. Throughout the park, there are also playgrounds, making it a favorite spot for families with children. Popular activities within the park include jogging, cycling, and rollerblading along the designated paths. Those looking for some peace and tranquility can also find secluded spots within the park to unwind and enjoy the surroundings. Safa Park in Dubai truly offers a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Recreational Facilities And Amenities

Safa Park Dubai offers a range of recreational facilities and amenities that cater to the needs of families and individuals alike. The park provides ample picnic spots and barbecue areas where visitors can enjoy a day out in nature while indulging in a delightful outdoor meal. These designated areas are equipped with all the necessary amenities for a pleasant picnic experience, including seating arrangements and barbecue grills.

For sports enthusiasts, the park features various sports facilities, such as basketball courts, volleyball courts, and tennis courts, where visitors can engage in friendly matches and tournaments. There are also well-maintained playgrounds with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that children have a safe and enjoyable time at the park.

Dining Options In Safa Park

When visiting Safa Park in Dubai, you will be delighted to find a wide range of dining options available. Whether you are craving local cuisine or international flavors, Safa Park has something for everyone. From casual food courts to scenic dining areas, the park offers a diverse selection of eateries to satisfy your taste buds.

The overview of different food outlets at Safa Park will leave you spoilt for choice. You can indulge in delicious Arabic dishes at Al Hadheerah, or opt for a variety of cuisines at the Food Court. If you’re in the mood for a quick bite, the Snack Kiosks offer a range of light snacks and refreshments. For those seeking a peaceful dining experience, the tranquil setting of the Lakeview Terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy your meal.

With scenic views and ample seating options, dining at Safa Park is a delightful experience. Whether you prefer a cozy corner in one of the food courts or an outdoor table overlooking the park, you can savor your food while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. So, next time you visit Safa Park, make sure to explore the diverse dining options and savor the flavors on offer.

Park Rules And Regulations

  • Entry fee for Safa Park in Dubai is subject to change, so it is recommended to check the official website or contact the park authorities before visiting.
  • Visitors are required to follow the park rules and regulations at all times to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Children below a certain age or height may need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Visitors are advised to dress modestly and respect the local customs and traditions.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the park premises.
  • Visitors must not engage in any activity that may disturb the wildlife or harm the environment.
  • Loud music and excessive noise are not permitted.
  • Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.
  • Visitors are responsible for keeping the park clean and disposing of waste properly.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
  • Picnicking is allowed in designated areas, and visitors are requested to clean up after themselves.
  • Cycling, rollerblading, and skateboarding are not allowed inside the park.
  • Unauthorized camping is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized use of drones is not permitted.
  • Feeding the animals is strictly prohibited.
  • Visitors are required to use the designated trash bins and not litter.
  • Please report any suspicious activity or safety concerns to the park authorities.
  • Follow the safety guidelines provided in case of emergencies or evacuation procedures.

Safety Measures In Safa Park

Safa Park in Dubai takes the safety and security of its visitors very seriously. The park has implemented various measures to ensure a safe environment for everyone. To begin with, there are extensive security arrangements in place throughout the park. These include well-trained security personnel who are stationed at strategic locations, ensuring constant vigilance and immediate response in case of any security concerns.

Additionally, the park is equipped with a state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance system that covers the entire area. This enables real-time monitoring of activities and helps in detecting and preventing any potential threats or suspicious behavior.

Safa Park understands the importance of providing timely assistance in case of emergencies. The park has dedicated emergency services that are available round the clock. These services include first aid facilities, ambulance services, and medical personnel on standby. Visitors can feel reassured knowing that help is readily accessible within the premises.

Safa Park's commitment to safety goes beyond security and emergency services. The park regularly conducts safety audits and risk assessments to identify and address any potential hazards. Measures such as well-maintained pathways, proper lighting, and clear signage help prevent accidents and ensure a safe experience for all.

Sustainability Initiatives

Safa Park Dubai is committed to environmental conservation efforts and has implemented various strategies to ensure sustainability. The park focuses on waste management practices to minimize its environmental impact. Recycling bins are conveniently placed throughout the park, encouraging visitors to dispose of their waste responsibly.

The park also promotes eco-friendly activities, such as tree planting campaigns and educational programs on environmental awareness. The management actively engages with the community, organizing events that emphasize the importance of protecting the environment. By implementing these initiatives, Safa Park Dubai strives to create a greener and cleaner environment for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

Events And Festivals

Safa Park Dubai hosts a wide range of events and festivals throughout the year, offering visitors a vibrant and exciting cultural experience. The annual events and festivals held at the park showcase various aspects of art, music, and culture, attracting locals and tourists alike. From music concerts to art exhibitions, visitors can immerse themselves in the diverse cultural and entertainment programs on offer.

These events provide a platform for both local and international artists to showcase their talent, creating a unique and enriching experience for attendees. Whether you're interested in traditional performances or contemporary art installations, Safa Park Dubai has something for everyone.

To participate in these events, visitors can purchase tickets online or at designated ticket counters. Ticket prices may vary depending on the specific event, so it's advisable to check the official website for updated information. Additionally, early booking is recommended to secure your spot as these events often attract a large number of attendees.

Overall, Safa Park Dubai offers an array of cultural and entertainment events throughout the year, providing visitors with an opportunity to engage with the local arts scene and celebrate the rich heritage of the region.

Park Timings And Operational Details

Safa Park in Dubai has specific opening and closing timings for visitors. The park is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, ensuring ample time for visitors to enjoy its facilities. When planning your visit, it is essential to consider park accessibility and transportation options. Safa Park is conveniently located in the heart of Dubai, providing easy access for both residents and tourists.

Public transportation is readily available, with multiple bus stops and a nearby metro station. Furthermore, operational updates and special notices are regularly provided by the park management to ensure visitors are informed of any changes or events. It is always advisable to check for these updates prior to your visit to Safa Park Dubai to make the most of your experience.

Safa Park Dubai Entry Fee


Frequently Asked Questions Of Safa Park Dubai Entry Fee

How Much Is The Ticket For Safa Park Dubai?

The ticket price for Safa Park in Dubai is 3 AED per person.

What Is The Entry Fee For Safa Park Dubai?

The entry fee for Safa Park Dubai is AED 3 per person.

Are There Any Additional Charges At Safa Park?

No, there are no additional charges at Safa Park. The entry fee covers all the facilities and attractions inside the park.

Is There A Separate Fee For Parking At Safa Park?

Yes, there is a separate parking fee at Safa Park. It costs AED 10 per hour for parking within the park premises.


To sum it up, Safa Park in Dubai offers visitors a unique and refreshing experience with its diverse range of activities and picturesque landscapes. With an affordable entry fee and various amenities provided, this park serves as an ideal destination for families, individuals, and groups alike.

Pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and embark on a memorable adventure at Safa Park Dubai today.

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