Know The Details About Gold Price In Bangladesh

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Gold Price In Bangladesh: The Bangladesh Jeweller's Association (BAJUS) has raised the prices of gold by Tk 1,750 per bhori (11.664 grams) following an increase in prices of pure gold in the local market. As a result, the price of solid gold of the best quality rose to Tk 84,214. 

Know The Details About Gold Price In Bangladesh

Besides, the organization of the jewellers also increased the prices of 21-carat, 18-carat, and traditional method gold by Tk 1,633, Tk 1,458, and Tk 1,166 respectively.  

BAJUS's standing committee on pricing and price monitoring hiked the prices on November 17, 2022, the country's leading online news portal Jago News said this in a report on the day. 

Now, a consumer will have to pay Tk 84,214 for per bhori best quality or 22-carat gold, Tk 80,365 for 21-carat, Tk 68,934 for 18-carat, and Tk 56,687 for traditional method. The new prices will come into effect from November 18, 2022.

See new gold price in Bangladesh at a glance

  • 22-carat gold - Tk 84,214
  • 21-carat gold - Tk 80,365
  • 18-carat gold - Tk 68,934 
  • Traditional method gold - Tk 56,687

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Earlier on November 13, the Bangladesh Jeweller's Association hiked the prices of gold by Tk 2,333 per bhori. At that time, prices of per bhori 22-carat gold was increased to Tk 82,464, 21-carat gold to Tk 78,732, 18-carat gold to Tk 67,476, and traditional method gold to Tk 55,521.

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How much does one gram gold in Bangladesh cost?

According to the Bangladesh Jeweller's Association website, price of per gram 22-carat gold is now Tk 7,220, per gram 21-carat gold Tk 6,890, per gram 18-carat gold Tk 5,910, and per gram traditional method gold Tk 4,860. The association fixed the new prices on November 17, 2022.

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